The Sancaklı Village Apicultural Products Packaging, Bundling and Storing Facility Project is carried out by the Aegean Forest Foundation and sponsored by the Izmir Development Agency under the Rural Economic Diversification Financial Support Program.

Sancaklı Village was chosen because of its inadequate economic strength, and because Izmir and all local beekeepers in its vicinity are located at equal distances. It was targeted for branding as a "Honey Village". In the Sancaklı Village Apicultural Products Packaging, Bundling and Storing Facility Project, the idle elementary school and garden in Sancaklı Village was converted to a production facility in about 10 months. With this project, the village’s economic level has been boosted by employing 10 people from Sancaklı Village. A portion of the annual profit to be obtained from the facility is transferred to the mukhtar’s office, to be spent on the further development of the village.

Within the scope of the project, the registered members of the Izmir Association of Beekeepers have been trained in the production and marketing techniques of bee products. 10 people from the Sancaklı Village local community, in the meantime, have been trained in the use of packaging equipment and machines.

Project Details:

Project Owner: Aegean Forest Foundation

Project Partners: Karşıyaka Municipality’s Presidency of the Union for Providing Services for Villages, Izmir Association of Beekeepers, Aegean Directorate of Agricultural Research, Izmir Commercial Exchange

Project Participants:   Ege TV and Izmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture

Project Supporters: Bakioğlu Holding and Bakiş AŞ., a Bakioğlu Holding company