4 Awards for Bakioğlu Holding Packaging Group Companies from EBSO

Each Bakioğlu Holding Packaging Group Company was awarded at Successful Industrial Enterprises Award Ceremony...

Polibak 6th Line Investment is in Operation!

The 6th Line investment in Polibak, one of our Packaging Group Companies, was commissioned and the production capacity ...

Golden Award to Bak Ambalaj!

With its original idea and design, Bak Ambalaj’s “Bak Specials Paskalya Noctiluca®”

CEFLEX Stakeholdership from our Packaging Group Companies

CEFLEX is a European-based consortium established by enterprises from different areas

A New Environmentalist Investment Project: “Solvent Recovery Facility”

Bakioğlu Holding’s principle stated as one of its corporate values as “We bear social responsibility awareness”

The First Organization in the Industry with an R&D Center

Operating in the flexible package printing industry, Bak Ambalaj, a member of the Bakioğlu Holding Packaging Group Comp...