Aegean Forest Foundation (Ege Orman Vakfı)

The Aegean Forest Foundation was established on Bakioğlu Forest, which was planted in 1995 with the contribution of Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies with 70,000 saplings around Izmir Airport. “Protecting the existing forests and growing new forests in the country is the national and humanitarian duty of all individuals living on these lands, not just of the state. If everybody raised a forest, our whole region would be verdant.” This was the idea expressed by Cem Bakioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, at a ceremony attended by 2,000 people, and set the grounds for the Aegean Forest Foundation, which was established in the same year. Since its establishment, the Aegean Forest Foundation has continued to plant millions of saplings with the support of nature lovers.

Bakioğlu Holding places great store by rural development through afforestation projects that provide solutions to climate change, and forms carbon sink areas in cooperation with forest villagers. It also supports the projects of the Aegean Forest Foundation, which contributes with a sustainable approach to the solution of Earth-threatening environmental problems, and reduces the carbon footprint of its enterprises by growing new forests each year.