Cem Bakioğlu Anatolian High School (Cem Bakioğlu Anadolu Lisesi)

Cem Bakioğlu Anatolian High School was built in 1995 as a gift to Turkish National Education by Cem Bakioğlu, the Chairman of Bakioğlu Holding Board of Directors, on a public property of 5000 m2, with the contribution of Group Companies.

The opening ceremony of the school was held by former President Süleyman Demirel in the same year, and an additional building comprising 15 classrooms and an indoor sports facility for the school was built with the contribution of Bakioğlu Group Companies in 2004.

The school held General High School status until 2005, and has continued as an Anatolian High School since the 2005-2006 academic year. Bakioğlu Holding maintains its support for Cem Bakioğlu Anatolian High School, which has graduated successful students every year, thus contributing to Turkish National Education as part of its corporate responsibility project.