At Bakioğlu Holding, we support both personal and professional development of high school and university students by creating internship opportunities. We enhance our employment resources by providing employment opportunities for interns who are “potential candidates” for Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies, and for students who have successfully completed their internship. The details of our internship programs, implemented in light of the awareness of social responsibility, are as follows:

Summer Internship Program

In our summer internship program, executed in cooperation with the universities, we provide students with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned, and prepare them for their careers by assigning them to short-term projects that vary across the departments they are going to work for. 

Between June and September, we provide students who are obliged to do internship, as well as volunteers, with the experience of a job interview, and then we incorporate students with high potential into our company structure. 

Winter Internship Program

For the winter internship program, we first analyze the number of interns needed by the departments. Following the determination of our intern requirement in terms of quality and quantity, we work together with vocational and business high schools, and we provide internship opportunities for students who are selected by Human Values after filtering by advisor teachers. 

We constantly observe our high school students to make sure that they are raised as individuals who will be beneficial to society, and we provide them with all the support they need.