BAK Academy is the Company Academy which aims to provide employees at Bakioğlu Holding and Companies with the knowledge, skills and development opportunities they need, and to prepare them for tasks that require more responsibility. It is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the results of the trainings organized for people employed at Bakioğlu Holding and Group Companies as part of the goal to establish a common language and culture in line with the company's objectives and development goals.

With BAK Academy, we are aiming to develop our corporate culture by creating a set of shared goals and a shared leadership language across the group.

BAK Academy offers basic competency trainings for newly-recruited employees, technical trainings required for professional development, and a training catalog that every employee can request according to their needs, as well as the following career development programs:

  • Professional Life Development Program
  • oExecutive Development Program
  • Sales Development Program
  • Financial Affairs Development Program
  • oHuman Resources Development Program
  • Foreman Development Program, etc.

While the BAK Academy bases its leadership approach on “Belief, pAssion, teamworK, and commItment”, its key goals include:

  • focusing on development areas in the context of a corporate atmosphere where universal values such as justice, accountability and transparency prevail,
  • focusing on all employees in the assumption that they are high-flyers in terms of performance and potential,
  • developing skills according to potential future needs,
  • delivering sustainable and modular programs extended over time,
  • retaining key employees,
  • training future “Top Managers” in both professional and leadership terms,
  • attracting professionals with high performance and potential to group companies, 
  • conducting effective "Human Resources Planning" across the group, 
  • growing by achieving organizational targets,
  • supporting change, and being able to sustain all of these elements, among its core objectives.